What is Impact MB®?

Impact MB® is an all-natural, environmentally-safe technology manufactured from a phytogenic extract that has long been used in multiple agriculture industries for its environmental, performance and health benefits. Within the composting Industry, Impact MB® functions to mitigate odors through reduced volatilization of noxious gases, increase potential value of compost as a fertilizer source through greater nitrogen retention, and aid compost in achieving biological stability faster thereby decreasing the time of active composting.

Impact MB® is used to inhibit the volatilization of nitrogen (N), thereby preventing the formation of ammonia-N, and leading to a reduction in N loss during the composting process. By inhibiting N loss, a greater amount of N may be retained within the organic material of the compost during the manufacturing process, leading to an increased N content in the finished compost product.

Impact MB® is manufactured and distributed by DPI GLOBAL. Dedicated to the advancement of environmental science technology, DPI GLOBAL offers all-natural odor elimination and waste control products for animal nutrition, agricultural, horticultural and industrial application. DPI GLOBAL’s commitment to research and technology has been proven for 50 years of bringing innovative odor elimination and waste control solutions to the marketplace, supported by timely, efficient customer service by a seasoned team of sales and distribution professionals. DPI GLOBAL is recognized worldwide for delivering dependable results through environmentally beneficial, all-natural products. For more information on DPI GLOBAL and our products please visit www.dpiglobal.com.



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